Travel Photography Lessons


Travel Photography Lessons:

I'm now proud to offer both 1 on 1 and small group photography lessons here in Whitehorse. I offer a couple different options for those who want to learn how to compose, shoot and edit their travel images. 

After years of traveling around the world, shooting with various camera and lens set ups (from medium format slide film to digital SLRs to "simple" smart phones), I've refined both my equipment and techniques to make travel photography less of a burden and more enjoyable, while still being able to capture stunning images.

Creating an image can (in my opinion) be broken down into three broad categories: Theory, Shooting, Editing. Each category is equally important when trying to create the image you envisioned. I've set up my photography course to be a full day if you are interested in all three portions, or as smaller individual sections.  


The day starts off around a table, cameras and gear out with a cup of coffee in hand. We will go through the basics of how to use your camera to more advanced theory on apertures, light sources, focal lengths and dynamic range. After spending a few hours learning about cameras and photography we move on to the next step:


Here we head out to shoot some images with our new found knowledge. We will spend a few hours shooting and experimenting with various settings, filters, long exposures. After we've taken our share of images it's on to the third step:


If Ansel Adams were around today, he would be a master of Photoshop. Even with print film, editing in the darkroom was a key step in creating the worlds most memorable photographs. With digital, editing has become more accessible, user friendly and more importantly: Powerful, than ever before. We will go through some of the basic tools available to you to help enhance your images. 

Finally, we are going to get a few prints made. Pictures always look better as prints. 

Equipment required:

All you need is a camera. It can be a point and shoot camera, a smart phone or an SLR. In a perfect world it will have the ability to shoot in manual mode and have the capability to save in a RAW format. For the editing portion a laptop with a form of editing software.

I have spare cameras (Nikon and Fuji bodies), Spare lenses (Nikon F-Mount and Fuji X-Mount), tripods, filters, filter holders and shutter releases that participants are welcome to use. I also have laptops available for use for editing.

If you require more information, or are interested in arranging lessons please use the form below to indicate what you are interested in, what your experience level is and what type of camera you will be using for the course. 

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